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For a FLAT weekly fee our team becomes your day to day accounting department.

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You will be assigned a qualified, trained (in nonprofit account) Account Representative.

  • We will pay your bills, manage payroll, manage the revenue process and reconcile your bank accounts weekly.

  • In addition, they will manage a timely close each month, with online checklists, backup documentation on balance sheet accounts and customized reports for all of your many interested constituencies (Board, Finance Committee, Management Team, Funders & Auditors).



Tools We use a number of tools to accomplish our services. These include many out-of-the-box products, email, online portals, GoToMeeting, Adobe, conference lines, etc. In addition, we have set up QuickBooks on a web server, giving every authorized users 24/7 real-time access to the data. (We are a QuickBooks-only shop but don’t worry, if you are not on QuickBooks, you should be–and we will do it for you; we have done it hundreds of times)

We have also developed a proprietary web portal for your vendor transactions. It allows complete control and visibility of your vendor transactions including an online filing cabinet with scanned images of all vendor invoices.

We also assign your own bookkeeper/accountant to you, who is your primary contact for all things finance and who you will get to know and rely on as part of your team.

But the tools only get us so far. We are first and foremost a service business. We have developed daily working processes to use the tools efficiently.

Accounts Payable, Vendor payments Invoices are coded at your office and sent to eCratchit  (via fax, scan or mail). Our Accounts Payable Department scans, reviews, inputs all that information into QuickBooks and presents an organized open items list on our Customized Portal.

You approve payments weekly online and we print and mail the payments. We process over 10,000 transactions per month. Everything is web-based including all of your vendor invoices.

Payroll We work closely with your outsourced payroll service. Depending on the need, we collect timesheets (or implement an online solution) and input add, delete, changes to the payroll run. We then monitor the payroll and post by department, class and allocate as needed to the general ledger. In most cases, the client maintains responsibility for the HR function but we can help with checklists, benefits analysis, etc. as needed.

We also help track PTO (paid time off), vacation, sick time, pay pension benefits and record payroll for the auditor at year end.

Deposits Are normally processed by the client, coded and deposited and scanned or faxed to your account rep who will post as needed.

Contracts For many clients with cost reimbursement contracts or other billables, we create a process to send invoices as needed.

Pledges we understand GAAP rules on pledges and will book as needed and help track restrictions and grant reporting as needed.

Cash We typically reconcile your books to your bank weekly. This is an added control that will make sure nothing is missed. We can create weekly cash flow monitoring tools as needed.

Reporting good accounting means “No Surprises” from the finance function during the year. You want to be in control and aware of the finance issues all year long. We do this with custom reports, comparing budget to actual monthly and help forecast expected year end results from a cash and GAAP perspective. Our clients number one praise for us is that they no longer have any concerns over the finance issues and are always aware of where they stand and what challenges they face. They also get timely information  so they can make decision early to build and maintain a strong financial organization.

Management Feedback for many of our clients we become an integral part of the senior management team. We meet regularly (in person or on-line)with management  and present financial results to your Finance and audit committees and full Board meetings as needed.

Audit Function most nonprofits require an independent outside audit annually. This can be a costly and time consuming process. It also needs to be done right; Funders, Boards, Government agencies all us the audit to determine an organizations compliance and financial strength. At eCratchit we have worked with hundreds of auditors and have over 30 years experience as auditors ourselves. We know what auditors are looking for and how to make the process as painless and positive as possible. If you have had a terrible audit experience or result, we can help!

Cost sounds too good to be true? Our clients can attest to our service and professionalism. But we all know cost is an important consideration. We create a weekly flat fee that is based on the scope of service and complexity of the services required. In most cases our cost is the same or considerably less than hiring an internal bookkeeper and finance team.

How do we do it for less? Basically, we create efficient process and working online allows us to leverage our staff over many clients. Also we are nonprofit and QuickBooks experts. We know what to do and there isn’t anything we haven’t seen.


Take a look at an example only of how our cost compares to in house -Visit:

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