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Cost Calculator

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Cost Calculator


Compare your current bookkeeping expenses to the cost of our services.

In-House Bookkeeper:
Salary= $55,000
Fringe and related= $11,000
Training= $3,000
Computer= $2,000
Office Space= $3,000
Hiring costs= $2,500
Total= $76,500
Set-up= $3,500 to $5,000
Year End Audit/Tax support= $2,000 to $4,000
$600 Week* = $31,200   * weekly fees are determined by volume and level of service. Please register for an advanced cost calculation for an accurate Proposal of Services
Total= $38,200


eCratchit Savings= $38,300

in addition to saving resources, eCratchit implements Best in Class processes, internal controls, and overall processes, delivered by qualified seasoned professionals.

CFO Support – in addition, clients have access to CFO services on an as needed basis for an hourly rate. Projects include: strategic planning, financing, Board support, Budget and forecasting support.


Advanced Cost Calculator
Register here to receive an advanced cost calculation for your organization based on your volume and level of service compared to your current bookkeeping costs.After you provide the information below, we will contact you for a brief 15 minute interview to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your organization.

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