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Combining our Core & CFO Services results in eCratchit's Full Service Plan

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You take control of the decision making.

We control the process and insure that your reports are meaningful, accurate and prepared on a timely basis. You get the financial information you need to monitor and manage the business and make the right decisions.

Your business gets better systems and experienced financial talent at a lower cost.

Save money- in most cases our eCratchit service costs less than hiring a full or part-time bookkeeper. In addition, you won’t pay payroll taxes or fringe benefits for our services.

Online technologies – eCratchit handles the accounting software issues; this includes cost, timely upgrades and backups.

Accountability –we don’t call in sick, we will not leave for greener pastures. eCratchit is your partner when you need us.

Easy distribution of your financial reports – investors, partners, boards, your accountants, CPAs or financial consultants will have password protected access to your reporting.

Expertise – you gain the expertise of CPAs at the price of a bookkeeper.


Below are some examples of what the Full Service can provide:

Accounts Payable and Check Writing
Scanned Vendor Invoices
Accounts Receivable and Invoicing
Payroll Integration
Cash and other Reconciliations
Monthly Reports
Collection Notices

Budget & Forecast Preparation
Liasion with Outside Audit Firm
Montly Meetings With Ceo & Management
Cash Flow Review & Advice
Development Suppport
Misc Questions on Contracts, Field Office Operations Etc
& Much More


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