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Ed has over 30 years of experience providing audit, accounting and consulting and CFO services to a diverse group of nonprofit clients.

In 2000, Ed conceived and founded eCratchit, a revolutionary concept for web based bookkeeping and accounting services. eCratchit developed a proprietary web-portal software that allows eCratchit the ability to perform the daily bookkeeping functions for their clients and allows their clients complete access to accounting records and software on-line. In addition, the company provides setup and cleanup services; audit management oversight, as well as CFO and Controller consulting. The company currently has 35 employees and 175 clients located all over the country of which 100 are nonprofits.

eCratchit provides a unique nonprofit financial service. We became the Finance team for our clients and provide a turn-key finance solution. We are able to do this with experienced nonprofit staff, online tools and best of breed policies and procedures. We are nonprofit experts and have worked with hundreds over the past 30 years.

We understand the unique issues and circumstances that a nonprofit has to deal with. Limited resources and capital, onerous compliance requirements, State and Federal funding rules, we have dealt with it all. Nonprofits also deal with unique GAAP requirements and independent annual audits, we make sure processes to handle these issues are set up correctly and that the audit will process smoothly. We also know that nonprofits have very involved Board of Directors and work closely with Management and the Board to ensure that reporting, compliance and forecasting are all done timely and accurately and that there are no surprises when it comes to Finance.

In addition, at eCratchit we are Mission Driven. Our client’s mission becomes ours and we take great pride in helping our clients accomplish their important work. It is rare in business that accountants get to work everyday making a real difference and at eCratchit we get to do that. We believe that Strong Finance=Strong Mission.

Ed has been a speaker at a number of nonprofit conferences including the Nonprofit Risk Management Annual Conference, Boston University School of Management and Harvard Law School.

1990 Ed was one of the founding members of Braintree, Massachusetts based Leonard, Mulherin & Greene, P.C., a CPA and consulting firm, and has been instrumental in the firm’s direction and dramatic growth over the past twenty years. The firm currently has over 30 professionals and a varied clientele including a robust nonprofit auditing and consulting practice. In addition, Ed is a Shareholder in Innello & Associates, PC a law firm specializing in business law, estate planning, and real estate matters.

Ed is magna cum laude graduate from Boston College and is a cum laude graduate from Suffolk University Law School. In addition, Ed is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.

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Bob Cratchit - Senior Account Representative

Bob has been with eCratchit since inception. Prior to joining our firm, he was a clerk for over 150 years with the financial services firm of Scrooge & Marley. Bob resides in Camden Town (a hamlet just outside of London), England with his wife and six children.

Our partnership with eCratchit has eliminated the stress associated with bookkeeping, finance and our annual independent audit. It’s wonderful to be able to turn to and count on a team of highly competent professionals, so I can focus my full attention on our mission and programs.

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