Pay It Forward

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Monday- Oh how we all dread it, especially after the holiday season.

Just like every Monday, I stood in line to get coffee. All I could hear were the sound of yawns, coffee grinders and the cash register. I was admiring the woman’s winter boots in front of me, struggling to stay awake, when suddenly she turned around. All I could think was, “Oh no, she must see me staring at her. Could I have fallen asleep and bumped her?”. To my surprise, it was neither. Eyes tired, she turned to me and asked politely, “Are you getting a coffee?” I replied “Yes”. She then explained how once a week she likes to pay for the order of the person behind her in line on the sole fact that she believes in Karma.

I was shocked. I kept insisting that she did not have to do that but her answer did not change. When it was her turn to order, I ordered with her. As promised she bought my coffee, looked at me, and said have a great day. I thanked her as she walked out the door.


Little moments like these can truly change a person’s day, week or even month. The small gesture of buying a $2.00 coffee goes a long way. To be honest, I did not need her to pay for my coffee. $2.00 will not break the bank and I doubt it will for many others who were standing in line with me. Just the simple fact that a complete stranger could be so kind was overwhelmingly refreshing.

We live in a world where people are glued to a 4 inch iPhone screen. Friends are people who appear of your Facebook newsfeed and the thrill of exploring all your unanswered questions has been replaced by Google.

There is no need to interact with people even though they are all around us.

Today-Monday, brought me to the realization that no phone, Facebook post of Googled answer can ever give me the same fulfillment as making a complete stranger’s day, week or even month. I know she made mine and I can only hope to do the same.


This Monday does not seem so bad after all…


Pay it forward.

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