About Them

BELL exists to transform the academic achievements, self-confidence, and life trajectories of children living in under-resourced, urban communities.

Because they believe in the tremendous potential of all children to excel, they recognize them as scholars.

BELL pursues their mission by expanding learning time in the summer and after school. Their two main program models, BELL Summer and BELL After School, deliver small-group academic instruction, mentorship, a wide range of enrichment activities, and community engagement. BELL serves scholars in grades K-8 throughout the United States.
BELL works to ensure all children have the learning opportunities they need to fulfill their potential in school and in life. Research shows that a lack of additional learning time – and in particular, a lack of summer learning opportunities – causes up to 2/3 of the academic achievement gap between children from low-income communities and their higher-income peers.

BELL delivers educational summer and after school experiences that increase time-on-task and accelerate academic achievement. Student success leads to improved school attendance, higher grades and test scores, and increased graduation rates. Ultimately, by reaching a critical mass of students and breaking cycles of academic under-performance, BELL’s impact helps turn around low-performing schools.

BELL operates programs in Boston, New York  and Baltimore, Detroit, Carolinas and California. They have grown over the past nine years from $4M to $29M in gross

eCratchit Nonprofit’s engagement;  eCratchit has had the pleasure to work with BELL over the past nine years. We were involved in cleaning up and then designing the accounting procedures for the organization in the beginning . As the program grew we increased our services to include CFO and other strategic help. We have been involved with their Board and Senior Management team over this time and take great pride in the support and help we were able to give a great organization