About Them/ Their Mission Statement

COMPASS is a private, non-profit, community based organization dedicated to serving high-risk, economically disadvantaged youth, adolescents and families who have a history of behavioral, social, emotional and educational disabilities. Using a team approach, COMPASS works to develop and enhance the confidence and abilities of youth and family by providing services in safe, nurturing and motivating environments.  Experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds provide a highly structured behavioral, educational, and therapeutic setting.

Services include: outreach, advocacy, education, crisis intervention, vocational preparation, enrichment, diagnostics, emergency services, consulting services and individual and family counseling and support services.

COMPASS’ mission is to equip those it serves with the skills to become self-sufficient productive members of their communities and society.


eCratchit Nonprofit’s engagement; eCratchit has provided a wide range of service for COMPASS over the past 6 years. Their Director was retiring after many years and the organization was facing many financial challenges from State Funding sources to a need to move their school program within the City of Boston. eCratchit worked closely with management and the Board to create systems and process to monitor on a more real time basis cash flow, forecasts and overall results. Also during this time, we help them create a RFP for audit firms, interview and select a new firm.