massmentoringAbout Them

Mass Mentoring Partnership was founded in 1992 as Greater Boston One to One, the first local extension of a national entity.  The national One-to-One was started by two Wall Street Executives with a vision to bring mentoring to scale. MMP has had a rich history of catalytic involvement in the start-up and sustainability of high-quality mentoring programs.

Mass Mentoring Partnership’s mission is that every child, regardless of socio-economic class, race or gender enters school ready to learn; successfully stays in school; and graduates on time. MMP helps create this educational continuum and knows first-hand how innovative and significant their impact is in strengthening nonprofits and the communities they serve. They now maintain the only statewide directory of 165+ quality youth mentoring programs, which guides referrals for potential mentors and provides leads for parents.


eCratchit Nonprofit’s engagement; MMP was looking for a new CFO  and interviewed a number of potential candidates and eCratchit as a  new alternative. eCratchit was selected and for far less cost than a full time CFO /Bookkeeper, was able to implement our systems and work with the team to maintain strong accounting oversight and process.