Oldways’ mission is to guide people to good health through heritage. They encourage people to seek out the joys of good foods and drinks, well prepared and consumed with pleasure, in he company of family and friends . Oldways believes that healthy eating and healthy foods have the power to improve the health and well-being of all of us. Science and common sense tell us that good health and good food to hand in hand. The healthy old ways have a special importance and impact because they bring together: good nutrition and delicious foods; culture and heritage; and eating, shopping and cooking.
Oldways was founded in 1990 to address health issues and to preserve culinary traditions, helping people make healthy connections to their food and their heritage. They have collaborated with hundreds of international experts including scientists, health care professionals, chefs, historians, food producers and food writers to create “mini-movements” that have inspired millions of people to change the way they eat.
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