About Them

Paul Quinn College was founded by a small group of African Methodist Episcopal circuit-riding preachers in Austin, Texas in 1872. The College was later relocated to Waco and established as a modest one-building trade school where newly freed slaves were taught blacksmithing, carpentry, tanning and other skills.

As A.M.E. districts were developed throughout the South, funds became available for a larger school. To construct the first building, a “Ten Cents a Brick” campaign was launched throughout the A.M.E. congregations, thus, pennies of the desperately poor people built the first solid monument to their dreams.

In May 1882, Paul Quinn College, named for Bishop William Paul Quinn, A.M.E. Bishop of the Western States for almost thirty years, was chartered by the State of Texas. Today the College is the oldest liberal arts college for African Americans in the State of Texas.

In 1990, Paul Quinn College relocated to Dallas, Texas with an enrollment of 1,020 students. Several innovative programs were soon implemented, including a cooperative agreement with the Dallas County Community College District – designed to facilitate easier transition from all seven of the DCCCD 2-year institutions to Paul Quinn College.

In 1992,the College strengthened its academic programs, Paul Quinn College was established as the premier private historically black college in Texas.

eCratchit Nonprofit’s engagement; the college was going thru a number of transitions when we started with them in 2008. They had an antiqued general ledger system( Great Plains) that was no longer supported and would have cost a large amount of money to upgrade. In addition, it was not producing the reports needed by the management team.  We converted to QuickBooks Enterprise and setup all of the accounts, classes and reports. We also created a process to interface their front end student financial aid and billing software. We cleaned up previous data to get ready for an imminent audit. The audit went smooth and the new systems worked extremely well.