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eCratchit takes on the responsibilities of your finance department.

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The Beginning


eCratchit will analyze your current state of finance and provide an implementation plan that will clear up any past issues, set up “best in class” written processes and procedures, re-work your account and department structures. We will also create customized reports for management and your Board.

  • eCratchit understands nonprofit accounting. Having over 30 years experience & working with hundreds of nonprofits; there is nothing we have not seen
  • We will set up your accounting system to track restricted funds, grants, cost reimbursement contracts or departments as needed.
  • We also work with dozens of 3rd party software & create an integration process into Quickbooks
    • eCratchit has uploaded or integrated many different types of transactions directly into Quickbooks
    • As a finance solution for the Boston One Fund we have uploaded over $60 Million of transactions from their bank, PayPal, Merchant Accounts & other data bases.
  • Our team will review and recommend an allocation policy that works for your organization.
  • We pride ourselves on taking a practical approach and balancing the cost/benefit of the systems.
  • We work closely with your management team and Board to create useful monthly reports.

Believe it or not – we can have you up and running on our systems in hours.

Implementation (first few weeks) – we will transfer to or set up your books on QuickBooks using our web server, giving you 24/7 access to your data online.

Month 2-3


During the stabilization phase (month 2-3), we make sure all of the new systems are working well.
Our team will create a shared calendar/checklist for you and your team to see and monitor as well as create a list of responsibilities.

Establishing a relationship

During this process you will meet and work with your Account Representative with oversight from our Senior team Setup Specialists.
We will have regular check-ins with the team and make any modifications to process as needed.
Once you are in good shape & comfortable, you will be transitioned full time to your Account Rep With CPA oversight as needed.


Every well managed nonprofit will have strong financial reporting as a key strength.

Nonprofits need to operate in a fundamentally sound manner and we truly believe that the finance function is an important part of any nonprofit’s mission. STRONG FINANCE = STRONG MISSION

Timely, useful financial reporting is the foundation to a strong finance function and smart finance and management decisions. We understand this and have worked with hundreds of nonprofits, customizing reporting packages for all of their stakeholders.

As a team we have prepared hundreds of reporting packages for Boards, Finance Committees and Management Teams for some very complex nonprofits
For more info on reporting Idea’s check out our Prezi Ed gave last year at the Nonprofit Risk Management Annual Conference.

Again, we will customize our reporting to your needs and modify as needed. We will also support your Development Team function with help on creating proposals and reporting out on how grants were spent

We understand your needs

Finally- We believe that strong finance requires a real understanding of your business model, proactive reporting through forecasting and timely useful reports will create discipline around the Finance function but most importantly will create an environment of NO SURPRISES when it comes to numbers. That is the goal of a good system and we prove it daily at eCratchit Nonprofit.


If you have had a terrible audit experience or result, we can help!

Most nonprofits require an independent outside audit annually. This can be a costly and time consuming process.

It also needs to be done right; Funders; Boards, Government agencies al use the audit to determine an organizations compliance and financial strength.

At eCratchit we have worked with hundreds of auditors and have over 30 years of experience as auditors ourselves. We know what the auditors are looking for and how to make the process as painless and positive as possible.



We manage the audit process from beginning to end and our team will create the “audit workpapers” for the auditors to review. Our goal is for there to be no audit adjustments and a clean management letter.

eCratchit knows the nonprofit auditing and accounting standards and will make sure the audit is the most fair and best representation of your organization.

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